A long hiatus…

Apologies for the ridiculously long hiatus, but my drinking has been so excessive, it’s basically knocked me out by 11pm every evening.

Crazy, right?

I hope to post on a semi-frequent basis in the coming weeks, as I’m definitely lushing (yes, that’s a new verb) it out and need an outlet for my verbal diarrhea.

Here’s a shitty painting I made:


Fucking Pinterest, making it look all easy and shit… this thing looks like a toddler made it, but hell, why not?

Stay sloshy, my friends!



The best and the funniest!

The best and the funniest!

Best decisions I’ve made while drunk:

* Singing Selena at a karaoke bar.
* Taking my heels off and walking barefoot down four downtown blocks.
* Starting a wet t-shirt contest at a TGIFridays. (I won and lost at the same time. Long story.)
* Letting someone with shaky hands attempt a body shot on me. (I ended up wearing 75% of it.)

What are some of the best drunk decisions you’ve made? Let us hear ’em!

~ Grog


Hello guys n’ gals!


Moonshine here, shwasty-faced, as per usual.

You know, if alcohol ads said that what really happens when you drink, it would probably be less enticing. Or more, defpends if you like embarrassing yourself or nto, I guess.


When I get drunk, I go full-on white girl drunbk, and that means, yes, dirty white girl dancing. Something about the music just moves tme to get up, and well, uy’know, actually MOVE myself, and so smtimes I dance.




I think I danced for 20 minutes tonight, and did a summersault on the floor.


As my fiance says, I was being “cray.”


Oh well, white girl drunk or not, I’ve got another bottle to tear through and a pool table to obliterate and/or dance on. 


Fuzzy. Very.