Florida Drunk

There is no greater drunk than Florida drunk.

Sandy, sweaty, salty, and overheated. Plus, you may or may not be in a bikini/banana-hammock.


Stay sloshy,

~ Tori


Another Round!

Hello, my darling lushes!


Grog and I would love to give you a sobering introduction to the newest member of our silly band of drunken writers…

Please give a long, raucous and inappropriate welcome to:

Rummytummy, our new resident drunkard!

Why, hello there.  😉

He’s here to take the hit to his liver in the hours when Grog and I are recuperating. You didn’t think we’d leave you all down just ‘coz we’re hungover, didja?

(Cause if you did, that’s just rude, okay? We talked about this, and I thought we understood one another, but I guess that’s just not the case. We will discuss this when we get HOME.)

Please give him a sloshy welcome to the team, and raise your glasses in a toast for many more drunken escapades to come!

Happy National Tequila Day! Show your livers how much cha really hate ‘em.

Keep it fuzzy,


National Tequila Day

National Tequila Day

How the fuck is it 4:30pm and I’m just learning that it’s National Tequila Day?!

Oh man.

This photo is just a PEEK at the Tequila collection I have at home. I basically have a full wet bar. It’s bad but it’s oh soooo good.

It’s going down tonight, my friends. Stay tuned.

~ Grog

P.S. Tomorrow is National I’ll-Never-Drink-Tequila-Again Day. Welcome to Hangover City!