National Rum Day: Saturday, August 16th!

Uh oh! It’s my favorite time of the year – National Rum Day!

How did the holiday sneak up on me again? I haven’t finished my NRD shopping yet: still need to run out and buy all of my loved ones bags of limes, fresh mint, and lots of Coca-Cola so they can make themselves a festive drink while reading Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diaries.

What better way to celebrate National Rum Day than baking a cake? My girl Jessica Reyes has hooked us up with a KILLER recipe for Puerto Rican Rum Cake that’s super simple, delicious, and – best part – uses over a cup of rum in the recipe. Um, yes, please!

So, what are you waiting for, kiddos? It’s National Rum Day Eve: go do your last minute shopping and get to celebrating!

Keep it sloshy,

❤ Tori


National Rum Day: August 16th!

National Rum Day: August 16th!


You didn’t know it was National Rum Day?

You bet your skid-marked britches that’s a real holiday, folks, and this drunkard – enthusiastically points at self – plans to celebrate hardcore tonight.

Don’t think my lack of recent posts means I’ve gone all soberfied on you – to be honest, I’ve just drank so much most nights that I’m barely able to avoid walking into walls and NOT wetting myself has become a heroic feat of strength. Yup, I’m walking that precarious line between functioning alcoholic and table-dancing, vomit-in-the-hair, raging alcoholic quite nicely.

I swear on my bottle of Captain Morgan’s that I shall not get too sloshed to post this weekend and, in honor of National Rum Day, I’ll even try not to moon anyone before midnight.

Farting rainbows,

~ Grog