The only sober post.

Since it’s 1:30pm on a Friday and the opportunity to down a margarita has not yet presented itself, we’ve decided to kick this blog off with an initial post.

There will be two main writers on this blog, both of whom promise to be unashamedly wasted when they post. For that reason, don’t expect too many posts during the daylight hours; unless, of course, the alcohol in their system hasn’t fully worn off from the night before.

Since there is a strong chance for incoherence in upcoming blogs, we wanted to give you a quick introduction to your alcoholics:

Moonshine –

A blonde, mid-20s firecracker living in Georgia.

Grog –

A pre-30 writer desperately clinging to her youth with purple hair and lots of vodka.

Together, these two women hope to provide you with consistent entertainment and hijinks while doing their best to obliterate their livers before 40.

More to come, but that’ll have to wait until Happy Hour.

Tick tock,