Another Round!

Hello, my darling lushes!


Grog and I would love to give you a sobering introduction to the newest member of our silly band of drunken writers…

Please give a long, raucous and inappropriate welcome to:

Rummytummy, our new resident drunkard!

Why, hello there.  😉

He’s here to take the hit to his liver in the hours when Grog and I are recuperating. You didn’t think we’d leave you all down just ‘coz we’re hungover, didja?

(Cause if you did, that’s just rude, okay? We talked about this, and I thought we understood one another, but I guess that’s just not the case. We will discuss this when we get HOME.)

Please give him a sloshy welcome to the team, and raise your glasses in a toast for many more drunken escapades to come!

Happy National Tequila Day! Show your livers how much cha really hate ‘em.

Keep it fuzzy,



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